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-Yes, Its legal in my state. Although certain cities are against it. Which means you cant dive there even if it is legal.


-I have been diving for almost 4 years!

What made you start Dumpster Diving?

-I saw a you tube video of some girls diving at ulta and getting brand new makeup, so of course i had to try for myself!

What was your first find?

-My very first dive was actually at ulta, and i came home with a box of makeup, with a retail value of about $1,500!

Do you have a job other than diving?

-Besides being a mom, no. Diving provides income for me to support my family!

How did you start selling the items you've found?

-I started with garage sales, then face book marketplace. Then i discovered dumpster diving resale groups.

What happens if you get caught?

-well, i don't refer to it as getting "caught" because that makes it seem like your doing something wrong, which I am not. its being seen to us divers, and when were seen by employees the most they can do is just ask us to leave. which we do.

Do you have any advice for new divers?

-First make sure its legal. then scope out the areas you want to dive. when looking, look for clear trash bags and boxes. if your short bring a step stool. bring some sort of grabber for things you cant reach. try to be quiet and don't make a mess.

Whats been your best find?

-that's a really hard question to answer. since iv'e been doing this so long iv'e found so many good things! i don't think i have a best find.

How often do you go?

-Usually Monday through Friday, while the kids are in school, sometimes on the weekends if were out and about or if hubby is in the mood to dive. :)

when is the best day and or time to go?

- there is not necessarily a day or time better than another. every store is different when it comes to taking the trash out. but i have most of my luck during the day!

what do you do with your finds?

- i sell, keep or donate.

do you get embarrassed if your seen?

-absolutely not. 

do you get a lot of hate for what you do?

-of course. but i brush it off. as i see it i'm helping the planet. i'm not doing anything bad or harmful.

why do you do it?

-because its fun, and i like it. and i have figure out how to profit from it!

do you think you will ever stop?

-not until i can no longer drive, or walk. no! ha ha!

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